At MiBO – Integral Advanced Dentistry Center in Almería, we are at the forefront of the latest disruptive orthodontic treatments, among which the use of clear aligners such as the Invisalign® system stands out.
These clear aligners consist of a series of transparent removable splints that can be used to align and straighten the teeth into an ideal position without anyone noticing. Each aligner is tailor-made to each patient based on a virtual scan of the mouth. Each splint needs to be used all day, and they are removed only when eating. This process slowly moves the teeth up to their final position designed by the orthodontist.


At MiBO – Integral Advanced Dentistry Center in Almería, we employ the latest technologies to offer the best orthodontics treatments to our patients.
Conventional orthodontics consists of the placement of braces, which are placed over the surface of the teeth and enable their positioning and aligning toward an ideal position. We work with different types of braces:
– Metal Braces
– Aesthetic Braces
– Lingual Braces
– Low-friction braces, Damon® system

Dra. Virginia Martínez Martín
Colegiate Number 04/00-2198

Master on Ortodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
Universidad de Santiago de Compostela USC.

Degree on Odontology
Universidad de Granada.

Master on Medicine and Health Investigation
Universidad de Almería.

Course on Kids Odontology Specialization
Universidad Santiago de Compostela USC.

Exclusive Intern on Ortodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics
Clínicas Privadas.

Member of European Orthodontic Society y congreses participant

Member of Sociedad Española de Endodoncia (AEDE).

Member of Sociedad Española De Ortodoncia (SEDO)


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