An immediate load implant is an implant that is used as an anchor for a fixed temporary prosthesis on the same day of its surgical implantation. In this way, lost teeth are restored since the very beginning of the implant treatment.


A dental implant is an item created to replace the roots of teeth that are missing or were lost for any reason. Dental implants are biocompatible, since they can fuse to the surrounding bone. All implants are manufactured out of titanium in order to remain inert, stable, and avoid irritating the bone or the gum.


In current day implantology, short implants are those that have a length under 8mm. As with any treatment involving implants, a certain height and width is required for the placement and proper healing of dental implants.


The sinus lift technique is used in patients that have few bone available in the area of the premolar or molar teeth, making it impossible to affix implants of an adequate length.


The post-extraction implant is the one that is placed immediately after the extraction of the tooth to be replaced, without the need to wait for the healing of the bone of the affected area.


Once any type of dental implant treatment has been completed, it is paramount to include a maintenance plan both by the patient and by the clinic professional.


When teeth are lost, the bone undergoes a degenerative process that causes it to grow thinner and shorter. This process makes the placement of implants to be more complicated.


One of the main problems that come with implants is mucositis, which is the inflammation of the gum around the implants and is accompanied by suppuration, pain and inflammation, and if not treated in time leads to what we call peri-implantitis.


Dr. Álvaro Navajas Acedo
Colegiate number 28011111

“I am Álvaro; I hold a Bachelor of Dentistry degree by the European University of Madrid and a Master’s in Advanced Oral Implantology by the European University of Madrid. My education and my 7 years of experience allow me to study each Implantology and Dental Prosthesis case in a personalized manner, adapting to the needs of my patients, and while employing the latest technologies to offer a service in which the patient feels at home and enjoys a comfortable and pleasant treatment.”

“The most rewarding part of my specialty is being able to give back mastication to my patients by means of implants-prostheses; it is my pride to see how they enjoy meals once again or recover lost aesthetics.”

– Bachelor of Dentistry by the European University of Madrid

– Master’s in Advanced Oral Implantology by the European University of Madrid

– On-going Doctorate studies at the European University of Madrid


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